Load Bank Rental


  • Each load bank operates on 208V/480V/600V 3PH and 240V 1PH
  • Resistance elements consist of coiled air-cooled nichrome 60 wire, controlled by definite purpose contactors, and each circuit tree is fuse protected.
  • The element cooling fan delivers a net 5000-CFM of air at 1/4" static pressure
  • Each unit is equipped with quick Cam-Lock single pole connectors (400amps, 600volts) one per phase, color-coded or lug type connection block
  • Enclosures are fabricated of 1/8" aluminum plate with a natural finish
  • Designed for indoor use or outside use in dry weather conditions, and can be used in a verticle or horizontal position.
  • Loadbanks are mounted on four swivel casters (two lockable)
  • Each unit contains a local control panel with a voltage selector switch (208/240-OFF-480/600), illuminated push-button (green) LOAD ON, illuminated push-button (red) LOAD OFF, and six load step switches
  • Automatic voltage selector circuit and hand selector switch co-operate with the correct configuration of load contactors
  • The rental units are not frequency and phase rotation sensitive
  • Load banks are certified to CSA standards
  • Insufficient airflow or high temperatures prevent any of the load steps from being energized
  • Unit discharge air temperature can reach up to 130 deg C. (230 deg F.) above ambient temperature at full load. Units cannot be used on or near temperature- sensitive surfaces or fire detection devices